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Below is a small selection of what I’ve been up to over the past few years. Feel free to have a look through and if you have any questions or would like to see more images then I’d love to hear from you.

{Sept 8th 2017 – Sheffield Sustainble Kitchens no.2)

Another commision from this great company, following a similar code of ethics to myself, and with a nice group of people, they’re people I enjoy photographing for. This one was a more traditional looking kitchen in a character filled old house.

{South Africa August 2017- Honeymoon}

I don’t often put my personal photography up, one reason is I don’t do a huge amount anymore. When I was younger and starting out I carried my camera everywhere, but as my Iphone has got better and my photography equipment more valuable it has become less regular. One place where I definitely wanted more creative control a camera-phone could ever offer was for my honeymoon to Cape Town and Sabi Sands reserve in the north of the country, I took a 140-400mm Canon Lens and shot away. Wildlife photography is not something I’ve done a huge amount of, as most of my time spent outdoors is spent running, which isn’t easy with a full frame camera in your pocket… but I’m happy with the results, and now just need to book another trip out to capture some big cats!

{24th July 2017 – Motif Creative}

Nottingham based branding company Motif needed someone to capture some images for a complete rebrand for a Synseal – a large bespoke door and window producer. This will involve three shoots, at three different locations but all spending time looking at how best to show off these products. Unusual shoot, trying to get the balance right before it starts looking contrived, but also doing whats possible with just a door…

{14th July 2017 – Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens}

Zoe from the SSK got in touch a while ago after hearing about me through an architect we both work with, and I was more than happy to help out. I really like the quality of their work and the ethos – which is pretty self explanatory! This is no high street kitchen, the work surface in this particular kitchen was made by compressing used paper at enormous pressure – it looks amazing, and has the feel of a tough smooth resin… I want a new kitchen.

{7th July 2017 – Sterling Property Advisors}

Being asked to showcase the city you love is never going to be a bad project. The weather took a long time to work out for me, but eventually the skies turned a blue, I spent an afternoon wandering around Sheffield’s highlights. Hopefully the London based firm are as happy as I am with how the Steel city looks…


{5th April 2017 – Restaurant fit ABR Projects Ltd.}

Nice shoot for ABR, two visits one to show progress, and work force in action , the second to show case the finished product, which looked great. Some nice craftsmanship, producing some interesting furniture and surfaces.

nottingham, street food kitchen, restaurant

nottingham, street food kitchen, restaurant

nottingham, street food kitchen, restaurant

nottingham, street food kitchen, restaurant

nottingham, street food kitchen, restaurant

nottingham, street food kitchen, restaurant

{5th April 2017 – Sweat Gym Walsall}

The team at Sweat gyms asked me to head off to Walsall near Birmingham gym, to do my 5th shoot for the company. The weather wasn’t great so I was glad to be doing a shoot mainly involving interiors. It was another good looking and well designed space. As always with working in public areas there are obstacles to overcome, especially when it comes to people doing exercise, and perhaps not in the mood to have someone with a camera facing them!

walsall gym, birmingham gym, sweat, work out

walsall gym, birmingham gym, sweat, work out

walsall gym, birmingham gym, sweat, work out

walsall gym, birmingham gym, sweat, work out

walsall gym, birmingham gym, sweat, work out

{20th March 2017 – Mail on Sunday}

I received a last minute commission this week to shoot a brand new restaurant in Sheffield that has had quite a buzz around it. Sheffield’s not known for it’s modern cuisine, we have great authentic restaurants but nothing pushing boundaries, that is until Joro made itself known. I met the young head chef and co owner Luke French, who showed me around the small but very well designed restaurant, made out of three shipping containers in the most fashionable part of the city – Kelham Island. I was on a very tight schedule to get the shots back to be printed, but here are some of the images obtained.

{24th Feb – Intrepid Development Stamford}

Alan from Intrepid Development got in touch wanting a selection of shots they could use for entering a property they had designed in Stamford into some architectural competitions. Seeing it through from concept to build they produced a stunning contempory space that I think works perfectly. They were lucky the clients gave them free reign, an architects dream job I’d guess…

{3rd February 2017 – DBA Properties}

Dixons Carphone office in Sheffield should have been a very simple shoot but in the end there were a few hurdles to overcome; with a quickly disappearing sun, lots of people to avoid and some very vigilant security guards, but even so this I was happy with the outcome.

{28th January 2017 – Sweat Gym Manchester}

Again, I was back to shoot a third new gym for Sweat, and I was more than happy to oblige. The buildings always have lots to go at, with some great design features and good use of light and colour. It’s always nice working for a client on a more regular basis as you get to know exactly it is that they’re after, how to get it, then after those shots have been taken I can experiment.

{9th Jan 2017 – Sweat Union Glasgow}

It’s great doing shoots further away as it’s an excuse to spend time somewhere I normally wouldn’t, and Scotland is a place I never miss a chance to visit. The Sweat gym itself was huge, it did have a few hurdles though, such as zero natural light to play with, and as it’s just opened and was a Monday morning it was quiet which was not brilliant when trying to show a busy and vibrant gym, but I was pleased with how the day went and the P.R company and clients were very complimentary about the images, so another successful day.







{Oct 30th – Qila Energy}

Anaerobic digestive plants were new to me a month ago, but having visited two in the Midlands and having a tour of all the workings I feel like I could sell them, or atleast give it a good go. I was shown round two of their plants by the operations manager, got up close and personal with the workings of the plants, and I found it surprisingly interesting. With a full day spent with the drone and my camera equipment I managed to get a good range of shots of two of the plants, and I’m looking forward to working more with the company in future.


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